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I have footage almost identical to this of my brother and I, without the request for protection from ‘strikes of fire’.



This video is 1.37 long.
Watch it and tell me at what point she’s any different from your daughter/little sister/niece/ cousin/child of your friend?


Is it somewhere in between dancing for the camera or spinning in her pink tutu?

Is it before or after kissing her baby sister or asking her dad to take her to ‘clever kids’ school?

Does the purple jumper and butterfly headband make you feel uncomfortable? Did you see the same on a child in the park the other day?

Watch it and tell me how she’s any different to what you were at 5, except that you weren’t having bombs dropped on your house.


And then tell me how we don’t have room/ can’t afford to help children like her and her parents. While we spend 55 million sending 4 people to Cambodia.
And millions more on offshore concentration camps on remote pacific islands.

Tell me how Australia is in trouble with people struggling to afford second cars and two story house mortgages and designer shoes.

Assure me that somehow this little girl really is different and maybe her parents will threaten us and our way of life.

Tell me how it’s not our responsibility to make sure she gets an education or proper health care, or a childhood.

Or better yet, look in the mirror and tell yourself that, and decide if you like what you see looking back at you.

It doesn’t matter anyway, she’s dead now.